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Reflections on teaching yoga videos verse teaching in person...


 After 16 years of an in person teaching model, now we have had to immediately adapt and go online. I have always loved teaching groups, I never knew what a luxury it was until now. Now we have a different luxury, a steady, relatable home practice that conforms to your time and availability. 


 As video content grows., please enjoy witnessing the birth of a new way of experiencing a yoga practice. Content is being uploaded, created and generated on a weekly basis. The intention is to have a substantial archive for you to experience a practice of your choice in lieu of an in person class, for now, as we navigate the Corona virus crisis. As society begins to open back up and the studio slowly reopens, you'll have access to live and pre-recorded live classes with the usual lively studio banter and rapport we all know and love. 

 Although things will never go back to "normal", we can still connect in our hearts to the energy of community and each class. The Yoga is in you. It's in everyone and everything. We bring out the best in each other when we practice from an authentic space and place. 

My intention is that you enjoy these offerings for exactly what they are, offerings and suggestions. Enjoy and drop into what feels good and resonates and know that you have the choice to pick and choose, classes, poses, and the days and times you prefer to meet your self on the mat. The beauty of this technology is that the Yoga comes to you, anytime you need it, no travel or traffic involved! 

    May these classes support your journey to finding peace in your heart, your relationships, and in your life, in some small or helpful way. May you be free. May you be a friend to your body, mind and spirit. May the efforts of your practice contribute to the greater peace for all human kind and creatures on this amazing and crazy planet we share a life with. . May doing the laundry get easier, may being in your body feel more comfortable, may facing each day get lighter, may you look forward to the mornings and another opportunity to begin a day in your life again.


      Lastly, may yoga always stay a little silly and we not take it so seriously! 

          With Love & Kindness and BIG appreciation for joining me on this platform! 

                                                                   Xo   Aline 


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