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   I've been teaching yoga all over the country for 16+ years. I found yoga by accident. The Buddha says " Enlightenment happens by accident and yoga makes you prone to accidents!" I'm not anywhere even close to enlightenment, 100% far from it, but yoga sure makes the journey of being human a lot lighter.


  This site was created to answer a call for peace. Put together in under a week and a slow build it's a work in progress. I appreciate everyone's patience as I work on building this. Eventually it will be a living library and resource for peace. 

  Truth is a deaf albino American Bulldog (he was born that way) that I rescued when I lived in Southern California. Truth has been co-teaching and practicing yoga with me for over 12 years. Truth became a certifed therapy dog a few years ago when I opened up The Newtown Yoga Center.  He is the most important teacher I've ever been fortunate to learn from and the best meditation partner, yoga buddy, co-pilot, wing man, you name it. He's one of those kindred soul dogs. The kind that you get once a lifetime, if you're lucky. I feel humbled to be his human and steward of his life. 


  Teaching yoga to group classes has been a luxury. I never knew that until in the midst of the Corona Virus crisis.  I had to create different style of practicing yoga in these times of social distancing. We need peace. Yoga is only one of many different vehicles to get there, it's currently my vehicle of choice! We are fortunate to have the invention and magic of the internet and other ways to communicate. 

  If you would like to know more about my background and how I got here click here

" The Truth will make you strong." 

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