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This is a recurring subscription that you have the power to cancel or sign up to anytime you like. To sign up, create a profile for the site and click " subscribe" on the player to join. Enter your card details and you are all set! If you decide to cancel, after signing in, simply click the circle icon on the top right side of the video player and in the pop up box click "cancel subscription". 


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Video Disclaimer:  By subscribing to this channel you are agreeing to our Terms of Use you are 100% responsible for the safety of your body, mind and spirit while you are practicing. Aline Marie and Aline Marie Body Art & Yoga, LLC is/are not responsible in any way for your personal safety in any capacity, you are responsible for you, your body and your decisions of how/when to move your body or not during each practice and beyond Please consult with your physician prior to practicing yoga to confirm that this style of movement and exercise is safe and right for you. Please use common sense wisdom when practicing yoga and modify and adapt these offering to what your body is capable of experiencing and performing in each moment. 

Current Peace on Demand Subscribers: 

   First: Thank you. Your support and participation in this subscription has kept a community safe haven open. While many studio across the country had to close because of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Newtown Yoga Center was able to remain open thanks to your support. Your dollars went directly back into to a local woman owned small business, which works hard to offer supportive classes and courses for the mental and emotional and physical well being of the special communities of Sandy Hook, Newtown, Bethel, Monroe, Brookfield,  and other surrounding towns of Southern Connecticut and parts of New York!  


As with all things happening in the world right now we are adapting and evolving with the needs of the times.


Starting August 21st, our original Peace on Demand channel will become a living library and no longer host live stream classes. However, you will still be able to access new videos after they stream and watch anytime. Video downloads are no longer  available.


This original simple subscription allows you to subscribe and cancel on your own anytime without any special notice. For those who signed up from the very beginning at the $24.99 rate, it will always remain that unless you cancel. If you decide to subscribe again in the future it would default to $29.99.  It will remain from now until forever $29.99 monthly to keep it simple, affordable and offer independence to subscribe or cancel when it works for you, nothing in writing necessary.

If you really enjoy participating in the live streams and would like to get some extra perks with these new channel options, switching over is easy!


When you are signed in, click the circle icon  on the top right side of the video player and follow the prompts to cancel.


You can do this on your own anytime.


You won't be charged again and will be able to subscribe to the new channel of your choice starting August 21st! 

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