200 hour Registered School of Yoga 

Modern Hatha Yoga is as old as it is new. The mission is to use ancient wisdom with modern science to create an experience that cultivates self empowerment, mental/physical/emotional well-being. Each teaching experience offered is custom tailored to both individuals and groups present in any class setting. The vehicle we use to do this is Yoga. Teachers from this training are prepared to meet each body where they are and teach people, not just poses. 

   This training stands out in that you will learn as a teacher to reach almost any population and have the skilled yoga "toolset" to do so effectively. There is a strong focus on learning about the psychology of yoga as it pertains to supporting each student, trauma and teaching to special populations.  Extreme care is taken to help you deeply understand the anatomical magic and motor functioning of the body as well as attention to the tenderness and magnificent capacity of the experience of the human spirit. 

Starting in 2021 will for the first time, our training will serve

2 unique populations of teachers  in separate training pods: 

1. Traditional, curious, avid yoga enthusiasts, looking to take their practice and turn it into a life style and possibly either a complimentary or professional career as a teacher of peace.  Yoga asana, philosophy and a vast understanding of the anatomy and physiology is emphasized along with how to gently tend to the fires of the heart within yourself and those around you. Whether you are looking to teach, or not, you'll be well prepared to do so. and you will be your own first student. We teach what we need to learn. 

2. Social workers, therapists, educators/administrators, first responders this training becomes not only a life preserver in the realm of self care, it becomes part of your professional and personal first aid kit. As they say on airplanes, put your own oxygen mask on first. You'll learn in depth anatomy, biology and neurobiology through the vehicle of the body by way of yoga asana and philosophy, theory and DBT inspired yogic teachings. From first hand experience you'll be able to share with your clients, patients and students these yogic inspired tools to empower them to better function and thrive in their daily life.  From our previous educators and social workers that have gone through this program we've gotten feedback of seeing progress in real time that these techniques work immediately, effectively, and are easy to assimilate into daily life for both practitioners and their populations and communities. This ancient spiritual science teaches how to access and balance the secret language between the mind, body and spirit. 

  This course meets and goes beyond all the requirements for a 200 hour yoga teacher training program as a Registered Yoga Alliance 200 hour School of Yoga.  

Requirements + Dates

* This training is intended to held in person in small groups of 6 or less. We are also in a pandemic due to the Covid-19 virus. Depending on conditions some of this training may need to be held virtually if/when necessary. You will be alerted in advance and prepared for whichever environment is safe and accessible at the start of and through out the training. 

  •  A minimum 2 months to a year of practice with Aline, preferably consecutively but cumulatively works as well. 

  •  A minimum of 1 year of consistent yoga practice with any teacher, this needs to be a consistent year. 

  •  In addition to attendance and participation during training weekends, you will also need to attend 1 weekly private mid week class strictly for each YTT pod so you will track with the same group and continue learning with Aline.  Dates, days times TBD by the availability of each group and the studio schedule. Homework via reading, practice teaching and some short writing projects will also be required outside of classroom time. 

  • This is a professional training, whether you are joining with or without the intention to teach. You will need to arrive to each class at least 10 - 15 minutes early to settle in and prepare for practice. Showing up early is honoring the tradition of yoga Sadhana (practice) as well as supporting your own nervous system and the nervous systems of your fellow classmates. It's something you'll need to develop as a teacher and an invaluable life skill. Discipline builds self esteem and over time becomes a devotion to the betterment of your own spirit which is at the root of this training and Yoga itself. 

  • This training is based on hours and being late or missing a weekend day is strongly discouraged and will set you back. Should a day be missed due to illness or emergency, you will need to make up each day via a 2 hour tutorial at $90 per hour for each day missed. Missing more than one weekend disqualifies you from completing the training, this course is hands on and being present for all hours is a huge part of the process. See application for details on absence. 

  •  Application needs to be filled out with a deposit $250 - this deposit goes towards your tuition fee. If this program is not a good fit for you or the school your deposit will be returned * SEE APPLICATION NOTE BELOW

 2021 Dates: 

Jan 23/24      Feb 20/21      Mar 20/21      Apr 24/25      May 15/16      June 5/6      

July 17/18        Aug 14/15      Sep 18/19       Oct 16/17         Nov 13/14       Dec 4/5

Saturdays & Sundays

Social workers/Educators 8am - 2pm 

*Traditional yoga students 3pm - 7pm

* For Traditional yoga students, additional attendance will be required in both the Saturday 8:00am Free Flow class as well as the 8:30am Awaken class on Sunday Morning. Depending on environmental conditions and safety protocols with the pandemic, these classes may be attended in person if possible or virtually through Google Meet. 

Training Cost 

Cost of the training is $3000 +Ct sales tax. Payment can be made in full or split in half with the first half paid before the start of our training and the second half before or by April 24th, 2021.


The Training includes: 

300 page Modern Hatha Yoga Training manual, anatomy training manual by Cheri Tabone RYT, LMT, a copy of the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali in addition to a guest pass to unlimited online classes via the Peace on Demand+LIVE virtual yoga channel. You'll also have exclusive access to the Teacher Training portal which includes video tutorials and posture clinics of yoga poses, in class discussions, anatomy, philosophy and additional guidance. Yoga Teacher Trainee's enjoy a generous 20% discount on in studio and virtual series and workshops during their time in training.


Upon graduation you'll receive your 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate which allows you to teach yoga anywhere nationally or internationally. You will have graduated from a Yoga Alliance Registered School of Yoga which gives you the option to become a member of Yoga Alliance if you choose.

Graduation gifts include Modern Hatha Yoga clothing, stainless steel water bottle, semi-precious stone mala bead necklace and other thoughtful elements relevant to the energy of each group of graduates. 

*APPLICATION NOTE : Due to the delicate nature of this work and understanding how to use yoga to support populations navigating various levels of ptsd and trauma, all applicants will be screened for emotional readiness and maturity. This is a professional training, it is not intended to be a source of therapy for those seeking treatment. Although personal transformation is a by product of a consistent yoga practice, it is by no means a substitute for clinical medical or emotional therapies. The emotional and psychological safety of each participant in the group and the group as a whole is carefully considered when accepting applications. 

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