Helpful props for each practice:

Blocks or a small stool if you don't have access to blocks.

Blankets, 2 if possible. 

Pillows/couch cushions

Yoga Bolster or an ottoman, something soft to rest and elevate your legs

Helpful Live Stream Tips:

  • Be sure to be close to strong wifi or if watching on a desk/laptop connect to an ethernet cable

  • If the video doesn't start when you click on it refresh your browser. Depending on your internet connection and speed this may take a few times. 

  • Connect to a speaker (bluetooth or cord) bluetooth earbuds are also a great way to hear the videos

About the videos: 

  • If you miss the class in real time, you can watch it after it streams any time and as many times as you like

  • You can download the videos to watch offline and to keep!

  • If you are on a desk/laptop you can comment during the live streams and ask any questions. Others will be able to view your comments as well. 

  • You can see the teacher but I cannot see you! Please practice mindful mechanics and follow the feel good principle. If it feels good, flow with it, if it doesn't feel good, pass or modify. 

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